Our Hospital Bag Checklist

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Hi guys! This is long over due but it’s never too late. Hopefully I still remembered everything, haha. I know there are lots of expecting moms out there who are still clueless on what to bring to the hospital.
PS: I’m a FTM and not expert or whatsoever. This is based on my own personal experience.

On my last part of my pregnancy, about 7th month, I started googling and asking my sisters on what to bring to the hospital. I was taught to start packing early so that when the day comes, we’ll just bring our bags and go straight to the hospital. 

Here are what’s inside baby’s bag:

Baby bag – My sister gifted us a baby bag and I just fill it up. 

Tie-side shirts and pajamas– First of, the very famous tie-side shirts. Upon my reaserch, they included a long-sleeved one but I preferred to use just the short-sleeved because having a tiny baby with still soft bones, it’s very difficult to put on a long-sleeved shirt. We just stayed in the hospital for about 30 hours so we just need 3 tie-side shirts and 3 pajamas.

*I brought a onesie that baby should wear upon delivery but the hospital didn’t allow them. They preferred the easy-to-wear tie-sides and pajamas.

Bonnet, Mittens, Booties– You should need about 3 depending on your stay but 3 should be enough. It’s easier for me to use the tie ones instead of the garterized mittens and booties. It’s a hassle to tie, yes, but garterized ones were easily taken off everytime.

Receiving blanket/Swaddle – 2 should be enough. 1 will be given to the nurse to cover baby and the other 1 is just extra incase baby spits up on it. I preferred the ones with hood because it might be cold for baby once outside.

*Just always look after your baby, the hood might be too big and may cover the baby’s face. This too is also applicable with bonnets.

Baby blanket without hood – 2 is enough. This one is like a mattress (sapin) for baby. You don’t want your baby to be lying on the bed “unprotected”. 

Blanket (kumot) – Others don’t recommend this because it might cause suffocation. But it’s a mother’s instinct and you have to look after your baby. We use blanket just below his tummy to avoid suffocation. 

Baby Wipes – Just a pack of about 80 pulls is enough. Your baby will poop almost every time so you’ll need this.

Bib/Burp Cloth/Lampin – whichever you prefer to with your baby when he spits up.

Diapers (Disposable or Washable) – I bought some cloth diapers to use for my baby however I was also told that the baby poops a million times in a day so I ended up buying disposables. We used Huggies and it’s really a good one. No rashes, no leaks.

Changing Mattress – just 1. Used for changing diapers so that the bedsheet won’t be soiled.

Baby Wash – bring a small bottle for baby’s first bath. The nurses will do it for you for the first time. We used Lactacyd Baby.

70% Alcohol for cleaning your baby’s belly button until it fell off and for sanitizing your wands first before you hold the baby.

I brought some feeding bottles (Avent Natural) but we didn’t used it because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby which I still do up until now for nearly 6 months as of writing.

—Also brought baby oil but tend not to use it because it is better not to give anything like powder, lotion, oil, etc for babies below 1 year old. I read this online and also advised by the pedia afterwards.

*Separate 1 tie-side shirt, pajamas, bonnet, pair of mittens, pair of booties, blanket/swaddle, diaper, baby wash to give to the nurse for baby to wear.
For mommy’s bag:

2 sets of clothes – consisting of pajamas and loose shirt that you can easily breastfeed in to. You may also want maternity or nursing shirts.

A pair of socks – it might be cold in the hospital. You will be needing this after the delivery.

Undies – bring as much panties as you want. My water bag broke when I was on labor so bringing extra panties is very much needed. Also, you will discharge lots of blood after the delivery. For bra, I just brought I nursing bra for going home. 

Towel and toiletries – if you wish to take a bath. I didn’t took a bath yet in the hospital because I was too sore down there and also on my whole body. I bathe after a day at home with warm water. Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste,deodorant. 

Betadine – the once meant for wounds. I dilute it in warm water to wash my pempem. However, my OB told me that normal room temperature water is okay rather than hot water because hot water might weaken the “thread” used to stitch you.

Kikay/ cosmetic kit – bring whatever you might need for taking pictures when you have a visitor. 

Maternity pads / Adult diapers – you’ll be bleeding a lot after the delivery. Others don’t want to use diaper because it’s too bulky and may give a hot feeling but I preferred it because it catches more bloody discharge rather than the pads.

Bed pad – some hospitals provided this one but our hospital asked us to buy some of this.

Nursing / Breast Pads – you might leak if your milk comes in already. This will be very helpful. Trust me. Disposable and washable are available in the market whichever you prefer.

Pillow and Blanket – you might need extra pillow and blanket for your companion. The hospital I gave birth in, provided an new pillow that you can take home.

Going home clothes – wear comfy dress that you can easily pull out your breasts if you intend to breastfeed. Avoid jeans. It might hurt down there. πŸ˜€


Snacks – You might want to stock up some food to bring so that you and your partner can munch on something even in the middle of the night after the delivery.

Drinking water – you’ll need lots of this because you’ll be very thirsty after the long and dreadful labor and delivery.

Phone/Camera/Gadgets – these will help you pass out time while waiting for ‘the moment’. You can ask a nurse to capture videos or photos of you and baby while inside the delivery room. Don’t forget the chargers.

Hair ties – if you have medium to long hair, you’ll need this for comfort. It might get hot while you’re in labor. However, when I entered the delivery room, they took it away from my hair and handed it to my sister.

Documents – SSS, Philhealth, Health Card, etc. You need to ask your companion to hand these over to the hospital staff.

Cash/Card – no need for explanation 😁

Name Card – provide a small piece of card or paper and write down the name of your baby on it. You might still be sleeping or groggy when the nurse will ask you this or you partner would still be at panic mode 😁. Better write it down to avoid mispelled names.

Hopefully this list would help you out to avoid over packing and under packing. I guess I covered almost everything here, lol. Good luck on your labor and delivery. Have a safe one. πŸ˜‰


Being Pregnant – The Struggles Are Real

 After being in a relationship for 10 years before we got married, now I am happily bearing the fruit of our love. I confess that we didn’t plan it to be this early but I believe that it is God who planted this little creature as a gift for me and Jek. When we’re doing it, LOL, I told Jek that if it is meant-to-be, it is meant to be. If nothing will be made, then, it’s OK but if we would be able to make it, then it’s a blessing from God.

(Photo credits to the owner)

The first day of my last monthly period (LMP) was March 8, 2016, 3 days after our wedding, haha! Both Jek and I love going to the beach and road-tripping. It was the perfect summer. We were able to go out-of-town and even visited resorts in Bulacan with our family and friends. Of course when there is beach, there is beer, hahaha! For about a month of beaching, swimming, travelling and drinking, I have no idea that I am pregnant already. When I realized that it was pass my period and missed it, I asked Jek to get me a pregnancy test. To our surprise, positive. I was really happy but at the same time, scared because of my drinking, Hehe! I really prayed to God to please give us a healthy baby in spite of what I’ve done in the past month. We then scheduled a trip to the ob-gyne for a check-up right away. We went to Graman Medical and Maternity Hospital in Malolos. I was examined and underwent transvaginal ultrasound by Dr. Anna Grace Sevilla. It was then that we saw our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Right then and there, I thanked God that my baby is alive. It was really moving and heart-warming to see something beating inside you. The check-up, transvaginal ultrasound and a print-out of baby’s first picture cost P800.00. Baby was 7 weeks then. Promptly, we announced it to our families (and Facebook, LOL).

First 3 pregnancy tests and baby’s first photo.

The first month went easy because I was unaware of my pregnancy. Actually, the whole 1st trimester went really easy. I am blessed that I didn’t experienced any difficulties of paglilihi and morning sickness. Aside from my sense of smell that became more active and weird. I remembered drinking Anmum in Chocolate flavor and it smelled like chopped wood (btw, no need to drink milk supplements for preggies, as I’ve researched, it will just add up extra pounds on you). Also, I was always hungry. I’m craving for everything, LOL! The struggle is real! If I want to eat something but isn’t available, I cried. If I watched a touching movie, I cried. If my husband wasn’t able to do something for me, I cried. Whatever I do, I cried. Just kidding! I am a happy preggy now. I was over those crying moments. They say, the baby will also feel sad whenever you’re sad. So always be happy so that you’ll also have a happy baby.

Speaking of a happy baby, my thinking then was to give baby all happy foods. From chocolate to ice cream, chips to sodas, French fries to pizza. Well, you can actually eat those but in moderation. Don’t do what I did. You’ll end up being huge like me now, haha. Avocado is a really good fruit to have as a snack as well as other fruits and nuts like cashew. As much as possible, if you are just staying at home, make time to do something. Don’t just sit there. We need to exercise. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube about pregancy exercises and also mobile applications that you can actually download for free. Please ask your OB first if you are safe to exercise. Even walking for half an hour will do. Doing household chores is also good. Just refrain from carrying heavy objects or furnitures. Stay away from cleaning detergents or soaps with strong smell that may cause you nausea. Also, take time to have a rest.

When you’re pregnant, there are lots of things to think about. Aside from the vitamins and calcium that you will be prescribed to take (this is a struggle for me because I can’t swallow a medicine without crying, srsly), there are also monthly check-ups to your OB. You may also struggle in finding an OB. My sisters’ OB were based in Malolos which is far from our place. So I hit Google and look for one. I came across to Dr. Ma. Victoria Badjao who’s based in Sta. Maria, where we live. I got her clinic address and schedule online. It’s really a blessing that her PF is just P200.00 😁. Aside from the check-ups, I remembered I was injected with an anti-tetanus shot. I think it’s just P300.00. This was given to me in my 4th or 5th month, I think.

Another struggle I experienced was in my 2nd trimester. One morning, I woke up with tingling, numbing fingers. I thought it was just my wedding ring getting tighter as I gain weight, haha, but one week had past and it is getting worst. I looked for an answer in Google and it says that’s common for preggies to have carpal tunnel syndrome. However, it will be gone after you gave birth. I asked my OB about it and prescribed me b-complex vitamins. I bought Pharex for P3.00 each. Massaging your wrist and hand may also help. I should say, it won’t be gone but it will lessen the pain especially when you wake up in the morning. Also, 2nd trimester was tougher in the wallet, haha! By these times, I am already window shopping in Lazada, Shopee and online shops from Facebook and Instagram. Although I still didn’t know if we’re having a baby girl or boy by then, I was fantacising for baby clothes, feeding bottles, baby gears, cloth diapers and baby carrier (wraps). I wanted to buy everything but I don’t want to splurge on things that we won’t be able to use for the longest time possible. Practicality is the key. There are more things to consider like your delivery and post-natal checkups. What I did was, compared items and prices first. There are items that are cheaper when you buy online than from the mall. Also, there are huge sales with cash on delivery and free shipping especially in Lazada and Shopee. I was able to bought 2 cloth diapers with inserts for just P170.00 both with free shipping. Normally, a cloth diaper costs P150.00 to P250.00 per piece with insert. I’ll make a blog about it some other time. To save more money, you may ask your family or friends to buy those baby items for you as a gift, haha! Also, you may accept hand-me-downs from your nieces and nephews. Baby clothes will just be worn for just a short period of time because they are easily outgrew in time. Baby gears such as cribs, strollers, baby bath tub, car seat, etc may be borrowed from your family if they’re done using them already.

Came 3rd trimester which is even tougher in the wallet. When I reached my 7th month, I was advised to take a blood test. I believe this is to detect if you’ve got diabetes (pregnant women are prone to this). I was advised to fast for 8-10 hours before undergoing the lab test. When I got there, BA Laboratories in Sta. Maria, infront of Rogaciano Hospital (not sure of the name), they took 4 blood samples from me with an hour interval each. After 12 hours of hunger, I was able to finally took my lunch. I chose to eat at Chowking (chicharap ftw, haha). The test costs P1500.00. Fortunately, the results are normal and I don’t have a diabetes even tough I ate lots of sweets. πŸ˜‰ I haven’t felt anything bad with my body aside from the back aches and numbing feet when walking for hours or even just standing. It is because of the weight and the pressure of being heavier because your baby is of course getting bigger inside. In the evening when you’re on bed, you’ll probably experience difficulty in catching sleep or you may find your self tossing and turning and I tell you, it’s hard to toss and turn with a heavy tummy. In some instances, I experienced catching my breath even without doing anything. As per Mr. Google, it is because of the baby and may tend to push or squeeze in together your organs including your lungs. Just move your body and let your baby change his/her position to free your sardines-like organs inside. It’s not just physically that I experienced some struggling. I was mentally and emotionally affected by other’s comments. Being this huge, with my nose red and big, armpits darkening and so as my neck (slightly), I was called lots of names. I accepted them all because I know they are all true. I myself cannot conceal my nose with highlight and contour anymore. I can’t use any of my shorts and pants, as well as my blouses. No matter how hard I scrub my body, the darkening is still there. At first, I got frustrated. Voices haunt me, “Ang taba mo.” “Baboy ka na.” “Lalake yang anak mo, ang laki ng ilong mo eh.” “Naiba muka mo.” Yes, please, I know, that’s why sometimes I cried alone. I never wanted this but it is nothing to me because I know it will all be gone and will be back to normal after I gave birth. I am over it already because somehow, I am thankful because not all women are given a chance to have a baby. We may accept all these words but please, never ever say something to a pregnant woman these things because it will make them sad. And depression is common to preggies because of the hormones. Just please be sensitive enough, to all other human.

Let’s get back. When you’re in your 7th month, it is the safest and most accurate time to have your baby’s gender checked. I actually took a 2D ultrasound in my 6th month that costs P280.00 but the doctor said it was just 70% accurate. There is still 30% chance that it may be the other way around and besides, we weren’t able to see clearly because it’s just 2D and black and white in color. So to be sure, we opt to look for a 3D/4D ultrasound. We stumbled upon Health Hub located in 4th floor of Robinsons Place Malolos (I will make a different post about our experience here and the baby’s gender soon). We availed their Package D consisting of the pelvic scan, CD with 15 still pictures of face and gender, 1 8r or 4 4r prints and an ultrasound report, costs P2200.00. It may be expensive but I quote what I said to Jek in our exchange of vows, “It is worth the wait, this is priceless.” When we finally entered the clinic, the attending OB is Dr. Angelita Teotico. She was nice and smiling although I am her 25th patient that day (or night). We were very excited to see the gender. When we finally saw the face, I wanted to cry but dismissed it immediately because it will ruin my makeup, LOL. The first thing a saw was that baby’s nose looks like mine (nooooooo!!!!) Lips also looks like mine. Cheeks are chubby so that’s mine also. 😁 What is not expected is that baby looks like my father. I’m somehow sad because daddy was not able to see his 6th grandchild. 😒 Anyway, we’re still happy and get us more excited that we’re looking forward to finally see our baby in about 2 months.

*Updated Oct.15, 2016 – I woke up with very tender and felt something tingling in my right breast. It was so painful. Even if I just touched it hurt so much. About afternoon, I was feeling unwell like I had a flu. I merely did nothing the whole day because it hurt when I moved. At night, I asked Jek to gave my breast a hot compress. It felt good but it didn’t ease the pain. I was worried I got Mastitis, commonly acquired by breastfeeding moms. When I hit google, it says it is normal to experience tenderness of the breast during the 3rd trimester. As far as I remembered, it was because the breast is getting ready for the milk production. When I woke up the next morning, the pain was lesser but it was still there. By the afternoon, it was all gone. 

I know more struggles will come our way for the next 2 months until delivery. I will be updating this post once we get there.

For those of you interested with the doctors I mentioned above or any facility, please message me or leave a comment. I would be glad to assist you. 

How did your pregnancy went? Please share your stories with me. 

Until my next post. See you soon. Thank you and have a great day ahead.