Diner with Play Area

Eating and having a toddler is really the toughest part being a parent. Dining out is a different story. Most of parents out there can relate especially if their kids are not yet that interested to food because they just love to explore things around them. Most of our scenario when we dine out were one will eat his/her food first while the other plays/explores with the toddler then take turns when finished. If our son likes the food, he will just sit on a high chair or our laps to eat with us. He only eats veggies and soups and of course, rice. His favorites are carrot, ampalaya (bitter gourd), squash, potato, broccoli, etc. However, he easily gets bored. He will just sit for about 5 minutes or less. So we have to be real quick when we eat or else, the other one will pause his/her meal just to ‘explore’ again with our son then continues when the other one finishes. We don’t offer gadgets to him just to let him sit (though we did this once or twice because we’re really hungry that time). Offering gadgets while meal time will create a bad habit in the long run so as much as possible, we’re trying our best to avoid it.

While browsing Facebook, a post came along about this diner in Marilao, Bulacan. I visited the page and was intrigued with the play area. They have a ball pit inside the resto. Cool! I wanted to try it because JD loves ball pits. And we, his parents, loves food! Perfect! We visited the place on a Thursday night. I’m thinking that we can bribe JD to play when he finished his food. But no! He wanted to go in the pit even when we’re just about to see the menu. I thought, okay, maybe he can play while we eat, but, again, no! There’s a very steep ladder that you need to climb down before you can reach the ball pit. This is not small toddler friendly. Did I say, the ladder is verrrryyy steep? So I ended up playing with him while Jek finishes his food. We can’t just leave him there because he just keeps on climbing up and down the verrrryyy steep ladder.

Move over, here is a quick review of the resto. When we got there, around 8PM, we were the only customers then. I’m glad, though, because we can have the whole place on our own to eat and play. We chose to eat on the low-table area where you are free to just slump on the floor and eat happily. This is also perfect for JD because he can eat without me holding him and the ball pit is just beside this area. The ambiance was superb. It’s neat and organized. Very homey feels, too. As for the food, we liked everything that we ordered but nothing special. Jek ordered fried chicken with rice served with gravy and buttered corn and carrot. The chicken was good, I must admit. I ordered fish fillet with rice served with buttered corn and carrot and sweet and spicy dip (it tastes like the one that can be bought in any supermarkets, maybe it was it). Both meals for P99.00 each. We also ordered their nachos because it’s really appetizing in the photo, but no! For me it’s tinipid with the toppings. It costs P150/order. Also tried their pumpkin soup for P120, I think, and it was my favorite! I loved it. JD likes it too. They have an area where you can get free iced-cold water but I ordered iced-tea for P50/glass.

Overall, the experience was good. We will probably be back because the food were good with an affordable price. Plus, there are lots of areas where you can capture your selfies or groufies because every corner is Instagramable.

You can visit Ed’s Diner’s Facebook page here.


Kitchen Avenue – Cravings Satisfied!

Another food blog! ☺☺☺

Kitchen Avenue is the newest food haven for Bulakeños which opened last February 2017. Located in GD Plaza McArthur Highway, Ilang-Ilang, Guiguinto (in front of Waltermart). They’re open everyday from 10AM to 10PM. They have huge parking space and very accessible both through private and public transport. They offer wide variety of comfort food from burgers, pastas, rice meals, salads and refreshment that will satisfy your cravings. 

I went there with Jek, JD and Isha last February 17. First thing that I noticed was the clean and classy look of its interior, simple yet comfy. You’ll feel at-home. Thanks to Kuya Pau who designed and conceptualized all the imagery that you can see inside the place. The air-condition gives just right coolness inside.

Here are what we ordered and our thoughts about them:
My order.

Beef nachos for all of us. It was the typical one but the sauce is really delicious, not the ordinary cheese whiz-like. The portion served is just right for 2-3 persons, I guess. I recommend this one.

Pesto pasta with chicken. It was okay and it tasted better that The Old Spaghetti House’s version. I like this one way better. I chose chicken over shirmp as toppings. This was served with toasted bread. The serving is good to fill my hungry tummy.

Mango Milkshake Grande. I liked its presentation. It was so inviting to have a sip. With caramel over the whipped cream plus candy sprinkles and a marshmallow, wow! It tasted good. Not too sweet yet not too bland. It is creamy as well. Next time I’ll order the large one because this is too much for me.

Jek’s order.

Johnny Bravo Burger. Oh my! 3 layers of quarter pounder beef patty? No surprise why Jek was really busolve (busog + solve). It was really filling just by the looks of it. I managed to taste it and it was heavenly for me. I love its patty, really tasty! The taste of smoke and meat… Wow! It was not dry and it was juicy. 2 thumbs up for me but I can’t finish this one so I guess I’ll choose the other smaller burger over this next time.

Isha’s order.

Sizzling Chicken BBQ. I didn’t had the chance to taste this because I was carrying JD while they served this to Isha. But as per her, it was good. The sauce was also good. The chicken also looks tender and perfectly cooked. Plus the mixed veggies adding some color, perfect!

Cookies & Cream Shake. I wondered if the cookie on top of it was Oreo or something else. But it was good. Isha didn’t finished this all up so I had the chance to taste it. I think this is their best seller. It tasted really good and it’s creamy. I loved it.

Overall, it was a good experience to dine here. I love the ambiance and the food, of course. I’m looking forward to taste the rest of their menu. Next time I’ll try to have burger because I’m really craving for its taste. The price range is good for its serving and quality of food and service. The wide variety of food to be chosen is a plus. Looking forward to visit this place again some other time.

Kitchen Avenue, pop na pop! 😉