Our Hospital Bag Checklist

Photo not mine. CTTO.

Hi guys! This is long over due but it’s never too late. Hopefully I still remembered everything, haha. I know there are lots of expecting moms out there who are still clueless on what to bring to the hospital.
PS: I’m a FTM and not expert or whatsoever. This is based on my own personal experience.

On my last part of my pregnancy, about 7th month, I started googling and asking my sisters on what to bring to the hospital. I was taught to start packing early so that when the day comes, we’ll just bring our bags and go straight to the hospital. 

Here are what’s inside baby’s bag:

Baby bag – My sister gifted us a baby bag and I just fill it up. 

Tie-side shirts and pajamas– First of, the very famous tie-side shirts. Upon my reaserch, they included a long-sleeved one but I preferred to use just the short-sleeved because having a tiny baby with still soft bones, it’s very difficult to put on a long-sleeved shirt. We just stayed in the hospital for about 30 hours so we just need 3 tie-side shirts and 3 pajamas.

*I brought a onesie that baby should wear upon delivery but the hospital didn’t allow them. They preferred the easy-to-wear tie-sides and pajamas.

Bonnet, Mittens, Booties– You should need about 3 depending on your stay but 3 should be enough. It’s easier for me to use the tie ones instead of the garterized mittens and booties. It’s a hassle to tie, yes, but garterized ones were easily taken off everytime.

Receiving blanket/Swaddle – 2 should be enough. 1 will be given to the nurse to cover baby and the other 1 is just extra incase baby spits up on it. I preferred the ones with hood because it might be cold for baby once outside.

*Just always look after your baby, the hood might be too big and may cover the baby’s face. This too is also applicable with bonnets.

Baby blanket without hood – 2 is enough. This one is like a mattress (sapin) for baby. You don’t want your baby to be lying on the bed “unprotected”. 

Blanket (kumot) – Others don’t recommend this because it might cause suffocation. But it’s a mother’s instinct and you have to look after your baby. We use blanket just below his tummy to avoid suffocation. 

Baby Wipes – Just a pack of about 80 pulls is enough. Your baby will poop almost every time so you’ll need this.

Bib/Burp Cloth/Lampin – whichever you prefer to with your baby when he spits up.

Diapers (Disposable or Washable) – I bought some cloth diapers to use for my baby however I was also told that the baby poops a million times in a day so I ended up buying disposables. We used Huggies and it’s really a good one. No rashes, no leaks.

Changing Mattress – just 1. Used for changing diapers so that the bedsheet won’t be soiled.

Baby Wash – bring a small bottle for baby’s first bath. The nurses will do it for you for the first time. We used Lactacyd Baby.

70% Alcohol for cleaning your baby’s belly button until it fell off and for sanitizing your wands first before you hold the baby.

I brought some feeding bottles (Avent Natural) but we didn’t used it because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby which I still do up until now for nearly 6 months as of writing.

—Also brought baby oil but tend not to use it because it is better not to give anything like powder, lotion, oil, etc for babies below 1 year old. I read this online and also advised by the pedia afterwards.

*Separate 1 tie-side shirt, pajamas, bonnet, pair of mittens, pair of booties, blanket/swaddle, diaper, baby wash to give to the nurse for baby to wear.
For mommy’s bag:

2 sets of clothes – consisting of pajamas and loose shirt that you can easily breastfeed in to. You may also want maternity or nursing shirts.

A pair of socks – it might be cold in the hospital. You will be needing this after the delivery.

Undies – bring as much panties as you want. My water bag broke when I was on labor so bringing extra panties is very much needed. Also, you will discharge lots of blood after the delivery. For bra, I just brought I nursing bra for going home. 

Towel and toiletries – if you wish to take a bath. I didn’t took a bath yet in the hospital because I was too sore down there and also on my whole body. I bathe after a day at home with warm water. Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste,deodorant. 

Betadine – the once meant for wounds. I dilute it in warm water to wash my pempem. However, my OB told me that normal room temperature water is okay rather than hot water because hot water might weaken the “thread” used to stitch you.

Kikay/ cosmetic kit – bring whatever you might need for taking pictures when you have a visitor. 

Maternity pads / Adult diapers – you’ll be bleeding a lot after the delivery. Others don’t want to use diaper because it’s too bulky and may give a hot feeling but I preferred it because it catches more bloody discharge rather than the pads.

Bed pad – some hospitals provided this one but our hospital asked us to buy some of this.

Nursing / Breast Pads – you might leak if your milk comes in already. This will be very helpful. Trust me. Disposable and washable are available in the market whichever you prefer.

Pillow and Blanket – you might need extra pillow and blanket for your companion. The hospital I gave birth in, provided an new pillow that you can take home.

Going home clothes – wear comfy dress that you can easily pull out your breasts if you intend to breastfeed. Avoid jeans. It might hurt down there. πŸ˜€


Snacks – You might want to stock up some food to bring so that you and your partner can munch on something even in the middle of the night after the delivery.

Drinking water – you’ll need lots of this because you’ll be very thirsty after the long and dreadful labor and delivery.

Phone/Camera/Gadgets – these will help you pass out time while waiting for ‘the moment’. You can ask a nurse to capture videos or photos of you and baby while inside the delivery room. Don’t forget the chargers.

Hair ties – if you have medium to long hair, you’ll need this for comfort. It might get hot while you’re in labor. However, when I entered the delivery room, they took it away from my hair and handed it to my sister.

Documents – SSS, Philhealth, Health Card, etc. You need to ask your companion to hand these over to the hospital staff.

Cash/Card – no need for explanation 😁

Name Card – provide a small piece of card or paper and write down the name of your baby on it. You might still be sleeping or groggy when the nurse will ask you this or you partner would still be at panic mode 😁. Better write it down to avoid mispelled names.

Hopefully this list would help you out to avoid over packing and under packing. I guess I covered almost everything here, lol. Good luck on your labor and delivery. Have a safe one. πŸ˜‰


My Birthing Story

Baby’s first picture.

It’s been a while since my last blog. The reason? I gave birth already! *Yey* Though it was earlier than my due date (December 17, 2016 – as per my last menstrual period), I was indeed very happy about it. On my 35th week check-up with my OB, she conducted IE (internal examination) to me. According to her, I was already 2-3cm dilated. Really? Am I in labor at this moment? We were shocked (I and Jek). Dra. Bajao, my OB, told us that I can give birth anytime. I asked her what to do because I don’t want my baby to be premature (37 weeks is already safe). She told me to just do whatever I’m doing in a daily basis. She asked us to have an ultrasound to check if my water bag is still enough and how the baby’s doing. Thankfully, the baby’s fine inside. I was advised to monitor baby’s movement and kicks. It should still be frequent inspite of my hardening tummy. Right after check-up, we ate at Doc Jones again. Haha! When we got home, my ever so full bladder strikes again. I went to the restroom to pee and to my surprise, blood on my panty liner! I was like 😱. I immediately called Jek calmly and let him see the bloody show. He panicked right away (as expected, haha!) I called my OB instantly. She told me not to worry because the blood is caused by the IE. I remembered how it hurt when she did it to me earlier. I also told my mom and my sisters about it, and as always, my eldest sister was the one who’s hysterical, haha! She told me to go to the hospital immediately. I refused to because I trust my OB and I don’t feel anything unusual. Everyday, I talked to my baby inside my tummy to just stay inside. Also, I flooded God with too much prayers. I know He is in control and He knows what my heart desires. With my daily routine, Jek told me to be in pabebe mode. He won’t let me do the laundry, sweep and mop the floor, cook for his breakfast and baon. I was just on the bed lying and sitting in different positions, watch TV and surf the net. 2 weeks have passed and came November 28 at 2am. I was awoke by pain on my lower back. I went to the restroom and peed but still, the pain is still there. I thought I was just tired from yesterday because I attented a birthday dinner. I went back to sleep again. After how many minutes, the pain was there again. I went to pee again. The cycle continues until 5am with 45 minutes interval and I checked my pee and there is some white mucus discharge. Upon reading in other blogs and forums, I knew I was in labor already. I texted my OB and informed her everything. She advised me to go to the hospital. I blinked a million times and woke up my snoring husband 😁 . I texted my sisters and mom again and they were really excited. I took a bath first and prepare some more needed things to bring. Jek and I went to BMMG Hospital in Bocaue, Bulacan along with my MIL. We went straight to the ER to have myself checked. The attending nurse assisted me by checking my BP, weight, etc. The resident doctor conductd IE again and as per him, yes he’s a guy and it’s awkward, haha, I’m already 4-5 cm dilated. Howmigash! Really? And that I should be admitted already. I texted may sisters and mom again and my mom, being ever so supportive, was already travelling from home to the hospital in a flash. I was wheeled in to a female ward. I asked the guy who assisted me if we can be in a private room instead. He told us to have it reserved in the ER. The private rooms were all occupied and they can only give it to us once someone got discharged. To make the story short, we were 3rd in the line-up. What? Well, we have no choice, we stayed in the ward. There were only 2 patients in the ward, I chose to be in the innermost part of the ward where the aircon is located and was near the restroom. I was admitted about 7am with no pain or what so ever. I was feeling normal. I thought of having just a false alarm. If I have recalled correctly, my OB went for rounds about past 9am and told me that I was just 2-3cm dilated instead of 4-5cm. She advised me to take light breakfast which is lugaw. After waiting and waiting with no unusual feeling, I got nervous because I thought I wasn’t progressing until my OB’s 2nd rounds about past 1pm, still 2-3cm. I was really worried and praying at the same time. My OB decided to induced me to help with the opening of my cervix, I agreed because I know it could help me to delivery the baby. I then decided to just sleep in for a while to let the time past quickly. However, I really couldn’t sleep because there’s a lot going on in my mind. At 4:30pm, I felt like a balloon was popped inside me and a gush of water came running down. I was laughing because I can’t control it and it’s tickling. Jek and I went to the restroom to check and I knew it my water bag broke already. I changed my soaked sanitary napkin to adult diaper to better absorb the waterfalls down there. My sister, who was already there, called the nurse’s attention to have me IE’d again. As per her, I was already 4cm dilated. Yup! Just 1cm additional and it’s frustrating me already. But after the gush of water, I was feeling a true labor already. At around 4:30PM I can feel a serious pain in my back. I tried to sleep but to no avail. At around 6PM, man, it was getting more painful with shorter intervals. My OB wasn’t around so my sister called the nurse and have me IE’d. Guess what? I was 7cm dilated already. They all panicked and get a stretcher for me to be brought in the delivery room. I was really in pain, I just held Jek’s arms and told them to sedate me, which they did. Though I felt nothing different. I was still very concious and could feel the pain getting more and more intense. When I was in the delivery room, which was full of nurses, some were just chatting, others were helping me with my needs, some talked to me to hold on because my OB was not yet around. The pain is getting severely painful. I can’t bear it any longer. I need the urge to push already. I felt like you need to poop. To be honest, you don’t need to make an effort to push because your body will automatically do it for you due to intense pain. I never thought it would be that painful. When my OB arrived, I felt a little relief. I told myself that I can do it and kept on praying. Nurses checked my blood pressure, gave me oxygen and continuously cleaned my poop, haha! I can saw everything they did through the reflection in the operating lights just above me. I am very concious when my OB taught the nurses how to IE properly. I thought to myself, can we proceed already and stop experimenting me? But I knew they were waiting for me to be 10cm dilated. During rest time (no contractions), I would fell asleep. When contractions are in, I pushed again. After a few tries, my OB and the nurses told me, “Konti nalang. Malapit na.” When I chech through the mirror, yes! I saw my baby’s head already so I really pushed hard. It drained all the blood in my face. Suddenly I felt like I pooped but more relaxing. “Baby out! 8:02PM.” I heard from my OB. And true enough, it was relaxing. I saw him crying and covered in white mucus and blood. I told my OB of the Unang Yakap which we did. They put my baby on my chest while they were getting the placenta inside me and clamping of the umbilical cord. He stopped crying when placed on my chest. I think he recognizes me. It was so heavenly. Although I can still feel the pain. I even felt the cut in my vajayjay to help the baby find his way out. Aside from the pain, I can see what they’re doing to my oh so poor pempem. I was chatting with my OB and nurses. I can see them stitching me up. It hurts! I asked my OB if I am in painless because I could still feel the stitching. They wondered how did I know what they’re doing and I told them that I can see it through the reflection in the lights. I was joking around while they cleaned me up and we were laughing. When they were done cleaning me up. I was again transfered to a stretcher to be wheeled in to my private room. Yes, a private room was already available by the time I gave birth. Thanks to my mom for making kulit with the staffs for us to have a private room. Finally, I was on the hospital bed. Then Jek came in and I smiled. He kissed me and I felt more relieved. Around 9PM, my mom, sister and MIL all left. The nurse called in and asked us if we’re ready for rooming in the baby and I said yes. Around 12MN, I finally held, hugged, touched and kissed my precious baby. All the pain were gone. It was really indeed satisfying to see him. Im one proud newbie momma here. More stories coming soon 😁😁…

I still managed to put some makeup on.

The waiting game.

My baby boy.