Diner with Play Area

Eating and having a toddler is really the toughest part being a parent. Dining out is a different story. Most of parents out there can relate especially if their kids are not yet that interested to food because they just love to explore things around them. Most of our scenario when we dine out were one will eat his/her food first while the other plays/explores with the toddler then take turns when finished. If our son likes the food, he will just sit on a high chair or our laps to eat with us. He only eats veggies and soups and of course, rice. His favorites are carrot, ampalaya (bitter gourd), squash, potato, broccoli, etc. However, he easily gets bored. He will just sit for about 5 minutes or less. So we have to be real quick when we eat or else, the other one will pause his/her meal just to ‘explore’ again with our son then continues when the other one finishes. We don’t offer gadgets to him just to let him sit (though we did this once or twice because we’re really hungry that time). Offering gadgets while meal time will create a bad habit in the long run so as much as possible, we’re trying our best to avoid it.

While browsing Facebook, a post came along about this diner in Marilao, Bulacan. I visited the page and was intrigued with the play area. They have a ball pit inside the resto. Cool! I wanted to try it because JD loves ball pits. And we, his parents, loves food! Perfect! We visited the place on a Thursday night. I’m thinking that we can bribe JD to play when he finished his food. But no! He wanted to go in the pit even when we’re just about to see the menu. I thought, okay, maybe he can play while we eat, but, again, no! There’s a very steep ladder that you need to climb down before you can reach the ball pit. This is not small toddler friendly. Did I say, the ladder is verrrryyy steep? So I ended up playing with him while Jek finishes his food. We can’t just leave him there because he just keeps on climbing up and down the verrrryyy steep ladder.

Move over, here is a quick review of the resto. When we got there, around 8PM, we were the only customers then. I’m glad, though, because we can have the whole place on our own to eat and play. We chose to eat on the low-table area where you are free to just slump on the floor and eat happily. This is also perfect for JD because he can eat without me holding him and the ball pit is just beside this area. The ambiance was superb. It’s neat and organized. Very homey feels, too. As for the food, we liked everything that we ordered but nothing special. Jek ordered fried chicken with rice served with gravy and buttered corn and carrot. The chicken was good, I must admit. I ordered fish fillet with rice served with buttered corn and carrot and sweet and spicy dip (it tastes like the one that can be bought in any supermarkets, maybe it was it). Both meals for P99.00 each. We also ordered their nachos because it’s really appetizing in the photo, but no! For me it’s tinipid with the toppings. It costs P150/order. Also tried their pumpkin soup for P120, I think, and it was my favorite! I loved it. JD likes it too. They have an area where you can get free iced-cold water but I ordered iced-tea for P50/glass.

Overall, the experience was good. We will probably be back because the food were good with an affordable price. Plus, there are lots of areas where you can capture your selfies or groufies because every corner is Instagramable.

You can visit Ed’s Diner’s Facebook page here.


Our Cloth Diaper Stash

Cloth diaper is my favorite thing since I got to know them while I was still pregnant. It has become my collection aka addiction. Haha! In this blog post, I’d like to share our humble stash for you to have reference where to buy them. I will also insert some reviews on each brand. This way, I can also keep track on each piece and how much I spent (should I say saved from buying disposables) already.

Note that all products were bought online and from the Philippines. Everything is brand new. I wanted to post each design however, the slow internet connection is getting to my nerves already. I’ll just update this once I got faster connection.

These are the ones that I bought from Shopee. I love shopping on Shopee because of their free shipping feature. Also, it is a safe haven both from the buyer and seller’s side. They have huge variety of items and easy to search/find any item that you’re looking for.

  • @vezeescloset

Alva 3.0 Yellow w/ 3Layers Microfiber (P160)

Alva 3.0 Lavander w/ 3L MF (P160)

Less P150 discount from Shopee.

Total of P170 for 2 CDs + free shipping.

Affordable. Lasts 2-3 hours. Good quality.

  • @shopninanay

Naughty Baby Ink Blot w/o insert

AnAn Baby Blue Dots w/o insert

AnAn Baby Pomelo w/o insert

AnAn Baby Blue w/o insert

All 4 for P120 + free shipping. Affordable. Relaxed elastics easily. Leaky already (maybe needs stripping).

  • @momsvenue

Stash & Craft Soccer Newborn Series w/ 3L MF (sale at P80)

Stash & Craft Vamp Minky w/ Cotton Hemp (sale at P180)

Total of P260 + free shipping.

Affordable. Very good insert. Lasts 2-3 hours. Very good quality. Double gusset.

  • @smartmomph

Whitesnaps Red Star fitteds w/ 3L Cotton Terry (P160)

Whitesnaps Black Denim fitteds w/ 3L CT (P160)

Total of P320 + free shipping.

For presko time. Added 3L MF + default insert that can last 2-3 hours. Good quality. Affordable.

  • @anadominique

Audrey’s Cloth Diaper Black and Red Checkered Fitteds w/ CT insert (P150)

Free shipping since I also bought 2pcs CT quadfolds.

Affordable. Lasts up to 4hrs if default insert is paired with MF.

  • @flairybum

Flairy Bum Pocket 3.0 Red Skull w/ 4L MF (sale at P315)

P315 total + free shipping. A bit pricey for its performance. Rise snaps easily unsnaps. Side leaking. Just love the print.

  • @anadominique (again)

Audrey’s Cloth Diaper Nightmare Before Christmas HF Snake-Style (P220)

Audrey’s Cloth Diaper America HF SS (P220)

Total of P520 (added insert) + free shipping.

Affordable. Last 2-3 hours if set properly. Good inserts and boosters. Poor stitching on one shell. The fitteds that i ordered before is much better but it performs well also with proper settings.

  • @chippershop15

Alva Digital Black Skull w/o insert (P145)

Alva Digital Music w/o insert (P145)

Alva White Skull w/o insert (P120)

Baby Chipper Stars w/o insert (P120)

Total of P530 + free shipping.

Affordable. I love Alva because it’s cheap but good quality. Lasts up to 5 hours used with 4L MF. Baby Chipper has the same quality also.

  • @littlewingsshoppe

Booldeet Posh Harmony w/ 4L MF (sale at P180)

Total of P500 (added inserts and booster) + free shipping.

Affordable. Lasts up to 5 hours. With tummy sleeper. Wide pocket. Super nice fit.

Another place where I buy CDs is on Facebook. There are lots of Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) who make fitteds and HFs for a very affordable and reasonable price. Below are the most affordable ones and that’s where I shop. Lol!

  • Freshbutt by K (Facebook group here.)

Freshbutt By K Skull Rose Fitteds w/ french cotton terry (sale at P300)

Total of P500 (added flats) + P99 shipping fee.

Affordable. Super nice quality. Super nice print. Lasts up to 4 hours default insert + 3L MF.

Bonus: I won a Tsum Tsum bed shield worth P800 from a free raffle. Just paid P160 for the SF.

  • Butt-oms Up (Link here.)

Butt-oms Up Colorful Skulls Fitteds (P300)

Butt-oms Up Red and White Skulls Fitteds (sale at P250)

Total of P550 + P120 SF

Butt-oms Up Rock n Roll skull fitteds (P300)

Total of P300 + P120 SF

Affordable. Lasts up to 5 hrs. Super fluffy. Generous cut. Superb quality. Perfect!

  • Rock Baby (Link here.)

Rock Baby Boo Glow in the Dark Hf (P300)

Rock Baby Skull Glow in the Dark HF (P300)

Total of P600 no SF since meet-up

All in all, we now have 25 pcs in our stash. For me, switching to cloth diapers helped us save a lot. All these are under 5k pesos in total. We can still use them until JD has been potty trained already and also to our future babies. I don’t know until when I should stop buying more. I just simply can’t resist the beautiful designs especially from WAHMs. 😂

This has been my advocacy to help protect mother Earth, somehow. I have a blog about the benefits of cloth diapers that you may find here.

If you have questions about cloth diapers, I can willingly help you out. I’m not an expert, just an addict! Lol! Also, you can suggest your favorite brands, too.

PS: I have cart 2 more diapers from White Snaps. I can’t resist the Disney Cars and Mickey Mouse prints, JD’s favorite!

PPS: Thanks to my ever supportive husband who washes and laundries our diapers (except the pooped ones) and for also for your approval every time I made pa-cute just to buy these lovelies.

MIA + Make Money Online

Been missing in action for months. A lot has happened and as a FTM, it was really overwhelming. I think I drained all my thoughts along with my broken tablet. It suddenly occurred some charging issues until it died completely. Brought it to the repair shop but still wasn’t completely fixed. It won’t charge from any charger except to my Asus phone’s charger. When it finally worked, I realized that its memory card was lost. I have no idea where Jek put it when he tried to fix the tab. At that moment, I really lost all my interest in blogging and vlogging. However, what I didn’t thought earlier was that I still have my phone. Yes, why am I so forgetful (or stupid, should I say)? I can use this phone to blog, right? It is more convenient to type in all my precious thoughts using just a hand (or thumb). I can easily type while JD is asleep or even when he’s playing. Since JD turned 11 months, he sleeps so much like an adult already. I can leave him on the bed while sleeping even just for few minutes because he always knows when the “boobies” are not within his reach. Haha! He also sleeps even when the environment is a little bit noisy. However, he easily wakes up when he hears loud noises and shout/scream from other people. This change in his sleeping pattern means additional time for me to blog and do other things that does not require leaving him for too long and as less noise as possible. That’s why as much as possible, I like having alone time with JD so that he can sleep well. Having enough sleep means having a good mood when he wakes up and less to no tantrums at all. Given enough “me-time” while JD is sound asleep, a lot of things are clouding up my mind. One of those is preparing for JD’s first birthday. Yes, it is just less than a month to go. I have so many ideas. I already pictured how it was going to happened. Only 1 thing is lacking, money! Haha! Here we go again, the budget. I would love to have a perfect memorable birthday for my son but with a limited budget because I don’t want to splurge on things that he won’t be able to remember when he grows up, aside from the photographs that we will capture. Being a SAHM, I want to help my husband in raising money to fund the party. Since I had an online shop before that I started way back 2007, and loves online shopping, I have an idea on how the process of online selling goes. Good thing my sister has a friend who supplies us very good quality ready-to-wear brand new stylish clothing pieces. With just a minimal capital, I was able to start up last August and I somehow manage to earn more from it. I sell online on Facebook and on Shopee. Nowadays, there are already lots of sellers in Facebook compared to when I started 10 years ago. There is a huge competition already. To be able to sell online, you have to think of ways to promote your products. I started it in having a good quality photos to upload. Having a photographer husband and a stylish friend/kumare (JD’s ninang), Aiko, we have a photoshoot for my RTWs. I also tagged along my niece, Isha, to be a “model”. I aimed to have different body frames as models to see the comparison of “when worn” pictures of the products. Isha for small frame items, yours truly for medium frames and Aiko for large frames (✌ haha). By God’s grace, the shop is still running for 3 collections already and soon will restock for the month of November. If by any chance I got a bigger capital after JD’s birthday or probably by next year, I would love to have a physical store already. I always wanted to have a clothing shop/boutique since I was in college when I started selling accessories and contact lenses. As of the moment, I’m thinking of other things to sell. I just couldn’t think hard enough because I am really thrilled and occupied by JD’s upcoming birthday party. Hopefully, ideas will haunt me in my dreams. LOL!

Below are samples of the pieces that I sell.

JD’s Dedication Day

  • Being a FTM is really exciting. After D (delivery) day, you’ll always look forward to what will happen next. From your baby’s first smile, first laugh, first everything. But one of the biggest events that I’m truly thrilled about is JD’s Dedication to the Lord. We are born-again Christians so we’re allowed not to held the “dedicating ceremony” in a church. For that reason, we tried to look for a venue that is spacious enough for the short program and at the same time share something to eat. I do not plan to held an event like this at home because 1. I don’t want to bother other people in preparing for the food, setting up of chairs and tables and decorations and 2. I’m not a fan of cleaning the after mess, lol! To tell the truth, we were in rush when we prepared for this event. A week before the event, my grandmom was hospitalized and admitted in the ICU. 3 days before the event, she went home with the Lord already. I asked my mom if we need to reschedule it but as per her brother, my uncle, pastor who will dedicate JD, told us that it was fine to push through with it because it is a celebration of life. All invitations were distributed so I really can’t cancel or resched it. Good thing I have a very supportive family and relatives. Going back to the preparation, below are the things that we needed:

Budget. We really would want to stick to a 30k pesos budget. This was the most important thing. This is really hard because we both have a huge family.

Caterer. I immediately contacted our caterer from our wedding. They gave us a discount already but considering that we still have to pay for the event’s place, I doubted if we can stick within our budget. Hence, I looked for a venue with a budget of 3-5k pesos to afford the caterer. To my dismay, there’s no such place with a price like that nowadays. I’m lost from here and I don’t know what to do but to stretch our budget to 35-40k pesos.

Venue. Since we can’t find a place that is within our budget, Jek thought of the café/resto just above the office where he worked before. His previous boss is also our ninong in our wedding. We thought we can have a discount. We hurriedly went to Beans and Leaves in their branch in Guiguinto. We went there with my mom because we planned to also dine in there so we could taste the food. However, they serve different dishes for their daily menu and occassion/event menu. After checking the place out, they invited us to come over to the next event that they will cater for us to taste their food. My mom agreed that she will be the one to attend because we’re unable to do so because of Jek’s work schedule. As per my mom’s approval upon having a taste of some of their food, we immediately booked them as event’s place and also the caterer. Below are our deals that made us say yes:

  • Free use of venue for 4 hours.
  • Menu consisting of 4 viands, 1 pasta, steamed rice, desserts and drinks. Mind you, this is a buffet / eat all you can style.
  • Free basic set-up according to color motif.
  • Basic sound system.
  • LCD TV with USB port if you have AVP to be played.

    Prices vary depending on the package you will avail. You will be billed as to how many guests attended per plate. We got the 229/head for adults and 99/head for kids 7 years old and below.

    Buffet Table

    Guests. We reserved for 100 guests. Upon payment, there are still 17 plates left out of 100 that we reserved so we have the chance to take home the left overs, except the drinks. To total, we paid only Php22,900 for the venue and food for 100pax.
    Invitations. To save, Jek made the layout for the invitations and have them printed out. So this one is free.


    Souvenirs and Giveaways. We just ordered cupcakes from our good friend Koni of Cerahlicious Sweet Treats as giveaway to JD’s godparents. A box of 6 cupcakes costs Php140/box (discounted). We ordered 16 boxes that costs Php2,240. For the guests’ souvenirs, we made-to-order ref magnets to my cousin Ate Rizzel and Kuya Pau of 7 Folds Printing. We ordered 50pcs for Php15 each totalling to Php750 which they ended up giving it for free as gift for JD. Yey! Thanks guys.
    Cake. We just wanted to have a customized cake so we also ordered a customized one from Koni. I don’t know how to explain it but the cake was sooooo perfect! From its look, size, quality, taste, everything is so perfect, beyond my expectation. I forgot about its size but it is really purely cake even on the inside and it was heavy and thick. For just Php2,500, its really worth every bite. I highly recommend Koni’s creations.

    Tarpaulin. Jek also made the layout so we just looked for tarpaulin printing shop. We found one in Bocaue. If I’m not mistaken, the size is 5×5 for just Php370.

    OOTD. Ofcourse we needed some cute outfit especially for JD. I don’t want it to be the normal “baptismal outfit”. I want it to be unique so I looked online and found Luna Belle’s Facebook. She customized baby clothes and costumes. I made to order a cute bloomer with suspender, necktie and bow tie with the print design I wanted for Php450

    Didn’t let JD wear the bow tie because it’s too tight.

    Candles. I forgot much much was the cost but definitely under P100 including the ribbon. The big candle was recycled from our wedding.

    Photo booth. We are so blessed for having Ninong Kerwin, Jek’s cousin. He is a photographer as profession and owns and operates a photobooth. We are so thrilled that he offered his service for free. Thanks Ninong Kerwin for the unlimited shots and print outs.


    Beans and Leaves Café. The food was superb! We chose creamy vegetables, fish fillet, menudo, kare-kare, carbonara and brought lechon (gifted by my FIL and MIL) from outside. Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked. Good thing they didn’t charged us corkage fee for bringing in the lechon and also the watermelon. As for the drinks, we chose gulaman and it was so refreshing. Water was also available. For the dessert, we chose graham balls and coffee jelly. I haven’t got the chance to taste the coffee jelly though but the graham balls are so yummy. The service was good. One of the things we want about them is that it was not a “tong buffet”. You can have whatever you one from the buffet as much as you want. No limits. The staff was already friendly especially Sir Carlo. They were all very accommodating and easy to talk to.

    FB page – Beans and Leaves

    *They have 3 branches in Bulacan. Balagtas, Sta. Maria and Guiguinto. Guiguinto is the largest and spacious for events.

    Photobooth. We really love pictures. Especially when they are printed out already. Photo booths are the best for any occasion. We love Kerwin’s photo booth because 1. It’s free. Who doesn’t want free stuffs? 2. Personalized backdrop using chroma. 3. You can request reprints. 4. Lots of props to be used. 5. High quality camera and equipments. 6. Very friendly operator. 😂😂

    FB page – Kerwin Photography

    *They also conduct Basic Photography tutorial from time to time.

    Cakes. The best! Koni made all my requests possible plus the taste was so yummy and mouth watering. Bonus, very huge and thick cake. I’mso in love with her chocolate cake. It was moist in the inside and the fondant was perfectly done.

    FB page – Cerahlicious Sweet Treats

    *You may have your cake customized or just indulge in readily available pastries once in a while.
    I’d like to thank the Lord for all the blessings the He has given us. For a wonderful child, JD. We owe everything to You and we dedicate JD’s life to You only. Also, to our families especially to my family and relatives. You still came and supported us even though we are grieving for Nanay’s loss. To Papa Jun, the pastor, for officiating the dedication. To Jek’s family. To all JD’s godparents, thank you for giving your time to attend. To our friends, neighbors and everybody who came, thank you for the time and gifts as well. To Beans and Leaves, thank you very much especially Sir Carlo and Ms. Lyn. To Koni, muffin, thanks for the cakes and also for Jek’s bday cake. To Kerwin, thank you for your generosity for the photo booth. Ate Rizzel and Kuya Pau for the souvenirs. To Luna Belle on FB for JD’s OOTD, thanks for the cute outfit. To Joshua for the pictures, thank you so much! We are so grateful for everything. Thank you for sharing your precious time with us. God bless you all.

    Hugot Sizzling Hub

    Mga beshies, Tagalog blog para intense!

    Inaalay ko ang blog na ito sa minamahal kong kaibigan na si Aiko Lee na pagkahaba-haba at pagkalalim-lalim ng hugot.

    Nagpunta kami dito nung March pa. Sorry mga bes, busy sa junakis ang lola nyo. Wala na nga akong oras para maligo, magblog pa kaya? 😁😁 Enihaw, galing kami sa lamay ng kapatid ng tropa namin sa Marilao. Pauwi na kami at nagiisip ng makakainan dahil halos dumugo na ang mga tyan namin dahil sa gutom. Gaya ng masalimuot na lab story ng kaibigan kong sobrang nakakadugo ng puso. Naalala ko na gusto ko nga palang kumain sa Hugot Sizzling Hub na matagal ko ng nadadaan daanan. Matatagpuan ito sa 3rd floor ng St. Anne’s Building sa Balagtas, Bulacan sa tapat lang ng palengke at sa taas ng KFC. May parking space naman kaya lang kung madaming kumakain sa KFC, siguradong wala ka ng mapaparkan. May mga bata naman doon na tutulong sayo na magpark kaya wag kang magalala. Tutulungan ka nila hanggang sa OK ka na sa dispusisyon mo. Parang yung kaibigan ko, talagang tinutulungan pa nya maging OK ang kanyang dating iniibig (o hanggang ngayon pa). Move on na day! Ayun na nga, pagakyat mo ng medyo nakakapagod na hagdan, bubungad na sayo yung Hugot. Maliit lang yung lugar pero maayos at nakakaaliw yung mga nakapaskil sa dingding. Pero dahil gutom na nga kami, agad kaming umorder para makalamon na. Akala naming mabilis lang kaming makakapili ng mga putahe, mahirap pala. Mas gugustuhin mo muna kasing basahin yung menu.

    Oh diba? Malilibang ka muna bago ka makaorder. OK naman yung menu nila, madaming pagpipilian. Pero sa mga drinks, hindi lahat available. Ewan ko lang kung dahil pasara na nung pumunta kami kaya naubos na siguro yung gusto ko. Mabilis din naman dumating yung mga order namin. At eto na nga sila..

    #LettingGo Pasta Carbora. Ang sarap nito promise. Kasing sarap ng dating pagmamahalan ng mga kaibigan ko. Tamang tama ang timpla, may crunch pa. Ang kasamang toasted bread ay masarap din. Parang may butter at garlic yata kung di ako nagkakamali. Pasensya na nakalimutan ko na. Mabilis akong makalimot di tulad ng kaibigan ko na hindi pa din makalimot sa past nya.

    #Tinadhanang Pork Sisig. Sorry Hugot pero di namin to bet. Nakalimutan ko na yung lasa basta hindi ko bet. May matitigas na parts. Kasing tigas ng puso ng kaibigan ko. 😖😖

    #MahalagaKa Tofu Con Liempo. Ay winner to! Bet na bet mga besh! Pagkasarap.. Di ko maexplain. Basta masarap. May anghang din. Gaya ng nagaanghangang masasakit na salita na nasambit ng mga kaibigan ko. 😔

    #BurningForYou Choco Hot Fudge in Pabida at Cucumber Juice. Sa kaibigan ko yung juice so hindi ko alam yung lasa. Pero sa tingin ko ito yung nabibili lang din sa Nestle na powdered juice. Pero yung frappe, masarap din. Matamis gaya ng dating pagmamahalan ng mga kaibigan ko. 

    Bukod sa masaklap na kwento ng kaibigan ko habang kumakain kami, madami ding masasaklap na hugot ang resto na ito. Pero ako muna ang huhugot tungkol dito, OK naman, masarap at madami yung serving nila. Hindi ka na lugi beshy. Mura na, masarap pa. Madami kang pagpipilian depende sa trip mo. Parang jowa lang yan, madami kang mahahanap kung anong trip mo. Basta piliin mo lang mabuti at wag kung sino lang. Makakahanap ka din ng masarap at sulit mahalin. Pero tandaan mo, lahat ng bagay nagbabago. Gaya ng sisig na nakain ko, hindi sya sulit. Pero malay mo magimprove sa darating na panahon. Gaya ng ex mo, maaaring may mali sakanya, maaaring may kulang, maaaring masyadong matapang. Pero pwedeng magbago yan. Pwedeng magimprove yan. Kapit lang mga bes! Malay nyo maging swak ulit kayo sa tamang panahon.

    Kitchen Avenue – Cravings Satisfied!

    Another food blog! ☺☺☺

    Kitchen Avenue is the newest food haven for Bulakeños which opened last February 2017. Located in GD Plaza McArthur Highway, Ilang-Ilang, Guiguinto (in front of Waltermart). They’re open everyday from 10AM to 10PM. They have huge parking space and very accessible both through private and public transport. They offer wide variety of comfort food from burgers, pastas, rice meals, salads and refreshment that will satisfy your cravings. 

    I went there with Jek, JD and Isha last February 17. First thing that I noticed was the clean and classy look of its interior, simple yet comfy. You’ll feel at-home. Thanks to Kuya Pau who designed and conceptualized all the imagery that you can see inside the place. The air-condition gives just right coolness inside.

    Here are what we ordered and our thoughts about them:
    My order.

    Beef nachos for all of us. It was the typical one but the sauce is really delicious, not the ordinary cheese whiz-like. The portion served is just right for 2-3 persons, I guess. I recommend this one.

    Pesto pasta with chicken. It was okay and it tasted better that The Old Spaghetti House’s version. I like this one way better. I chose chicken over shirmp as toppings. This was served with toasted bread. The serving is good to fill my hungry tummy.

    Mango Milkshake Grande. I liked its presentation. It was so inviting to have a sip. With caramel over the whipped cream plus candy sprinkles and a marshmallow, wow! It tasted good. Not too sweet yet not too bland. It is creamy as well. Next time I’ll order the large one because this is too much for me.

    Jek’s order.

    Johnny Bravo Burger. Oh my! 3 layers of quarter pounder beef patty? No surprise why Jek was really busolve (busog + solve). It was really filling just by the looks of it. I managed to taste it and it was heavenly for me. I love its patty, really tasty! The taste of smoke and meat… Wow! It was not dry and it was juicy. 2 thumbs up for me but I can’t finish this one so I guess I’ll choose the other smaller burger over this next time.

    Isha’s order.

    Sizzling Chicken BBQ. I didn’t had the chance to taste this because I was carrying JD while they served this to Isha. But as per her, it was good. The sauce was also good. The chicken also looks tender and perfectly cooked. Plus the mixed veggies adding some color, perfect!

    Cookies & Cream Shake. I wondered if the cookie on top of it was Oreo or something else. But it was good. Isha didn’t finished this all up so I had the chance to taste it. I think this is their best seller. It tasted really good and it’s creamy. I loved it.

    Overall, it was a good experience to dine here. I love the ambiance and the food, of course. I’m looking forward to taste the rest of their menu. Next time I’ll try to have burger because I’m really craving for its taste. The price range is good for its serving and quality of food and service. The wide variety of food to be chosen is a plus. Looking forward to visit this place again some other time.

    Kitchen Avenue, pop na pop! 😉

    Bunjo Home-Cooked Specials Buffet

    Buffet restos are so in right now. Filipinos are known for good cooks and mahilig kumain. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why buffets or eat-all-you-can restaurants are popular in the Philippines. From the famous Vikings, Barrio Fiesta, Dad’s and all others, there are also small-scale businesses like these across the country. The newest I’ve discovered is the Bunjo Home Cooked Specials. Located at Brgy. Parulan, Plaridel, Bulacan and opens every Tuesday to Sunday. They serve lunch from 11:30am-2:00pm while their dinner is served from 6:00pm-9:00pm. For the price? A whooping P150.00 only per head. For elderly, they offer senior citizen discount if you can present your senior citizen ID for only P120.00. We went there for lunch on a Sunday after Church Service. We texted their number for reservation but we were told that reservation is full but we can just walk-in and so we did. We got there around 12nn or so and we got in at 1pm. There’s a reservation for 30pax that time for a reception for baptismal. That explains the long waiting time. When we got in, the place is just small but clean. They have ACs and a restroom. The entire place can accommodate 85 persons. Without further ado, we lined-up to grab some food.

    Starting with a plain rice. Just a normal rice.

    This pancit canton is the bomb! It’s really delicious.

    Their baked-mac is also mouth-watering. I can tell that there is a secret ingredient in here that I can’t distinguish. It’s very flavorful. The photo about can tell, once it was refilled, it needed to be refilled again after a short while.

    I didn’t manage to taste this one but it looks like a potato salad or something. It looks yummy, though.

    This one I have no idea what this is but I should tell, it’s really good. One of the best. I believe it’s made of pork.

    This is the beef Kare Kare. I melt. This may not be the best KareKare I’ve tasted but probably 3rd of the best. The meat is tender and the peanut sauce is just right.

    Here are the veggies for the KareKare. I’m not sure if there were any other veggies but these two were the only veggies I got. Along side with the bagoong. I think it’s also home-made.

    This! Grilled squid. Lovely! They’re very tender and not chewy. Cooked just right. With toyomanci as dip.

    I didn’t taste this but I think it’s ham omelette or something. Not sure though. But they said, it was good also.

    Grilled pink salmon. I’m not a fan of fish so I can’t say if it’s good or not. But my mom recommended it so I guess it’s good.

    Shirmp. I don’t know how they cooked this. I think they just fried it? Haha. It’s good also. Comes with a vinegar dip.

    This is soooooooo good! Cheese sticks I don’t know if it’s just me but I really liked it. With the dip that I don’t know what that is. It tasted garlic, mayo and something else. Really good! And crispy too.

    Chicken BBQ. By the looks of it, I know it’s good as well. I have read somewhere that this is good. My mom also said it was.

    Haaaaay.. I want to go back there now just for this lechon kawali. Super crispy and flavorful. Comes with just Mang Tomas sauce but still, the winner!

    Pineapple slices. There is also sliced watermelon. It’s good that they also have fruits for dessert. I would like some mangoes or banana, though.

    Vegetable salad. It’s just cucumber a lettuce but the dressing is good, thousand island, I think.

    They also serve buco pandan for dessert. But without the buco strips/meat. Hehe. But it was good as well. Not too sweet.

    That was the menu for that day. I believe they change their menu once in a while depending on the availability. I heard they have sisig and baked tahong , which I really would like to try. Maybe some other time.

    When I had a chance to tall to the owner, Sir Fritz, he told me that he and his mother were the ones who cooked. Bunjo is what he was called since his childhood. Being an only child, I guess it meant bunso or youngest child. He told me that they just started last July 5 of this year, 2016. I asked him if they’re not lugi for their price of P150.00, he said no because they own the place. They need not to rent. They are planning of expanding the place because obviously, their parking area can just accommodate like 10 vehicles, I think. Also, for the dining area itself. I suggested to include some ice cream for dessert but he said they might increase the P150.00 price if they did that. Silly me! Of course! What did I asked that in the first place? But maybe they can charge additional if you will avail unlimited ice cream, right? I almost forgot, they also serve free water to quench the thirst. Just don’t drink to much for you will be filled with it. You want to be stuffed with great food, not just water.

    I super recommend this place. It’s really Pop na Pop. For it’s price and quality and huge variant of food? No other place like Bunjo.

    If you’re planning to visit, I suggest to contact them first at 09237118920. I’m not sure the honor a reservation through text. You can try to reserve, it not, you can always walk-in just like what we did. Honestly, I don’t know how to go there if you were to commute. But if you have a private vehicle, you can take the route from Walter Mart Plaridel then turn right to the way going to Bustos, Bulacan. You may also take route from Plaridel Crossing, I guess it’s easier from there. Sorry I’m not familiar with the place also, though I’m live in Plaridel. Haha. If you happen to take a visit, please share your experience as well.