JD’s Dedication Day

  • Being a FTM is really exciting. After D (delivery) day, you’ll always look forward to what will happen next. From your baby’s first smile, first laugh, first everything. But one of the biggest events that I’m truly thrilled about is JD’s Dedication to the Lord. We are born-again Christians so we’re allowed not to held the “dedicating ceremony” in a church. For that reason, we tried to look for a venue that is spacious enough for the short program and at the same time share something to eat. I do not plan to held an event like this at home because 1. I don’t want to bother other people in preparing for the food, setting up of chairs and tables and decorations and 2. I’m not a fan of cleaning the after mess, lol! To tell the truth, we were in rush when we prepared for this event. A week before the event, my grandmom was hospitalized and admitted in the ICU. 3 days before the event, she went home with the Lord already. I asked my mom if we need to reschedule it but as per her brother, my uncle, pastor who will dedicate JD, told us that it was fine to push through with it because it is a celebration of life. All invitations were distributed so I really can’t cancel or resched it. Good thing I have a very supportive family and relatives. Going back to the preparation, below are the things that we needed:

Budget. We really would want to stick to a 30k pesos budget. This was the most important thing. This is really hard because we both have a huge family.

Caterer. I immediately contacted our caterer from our wedding. They gave us a discount already but considering that we still have to pay for the event’s place, I doubted if we can stick within our budget. Hence, I looked for a venue with a budget of 3-5k pesos to afford the caterer. To my dismay, there’s no such place with a price like that nowadays. I’m lost from here and I don’t know what to do but to stretch our budget to 35-40k pesos.

Venue. Since we can’t find a place that is within our budget, Jek thought of the cafรฉ/resto just above the office where he worked before. His previous boss is also our ninong in our wedding. We thought we can have a discount. We hurriedly went to Beans and Leaves in their branch in Guiguinto. We went there with my mom because we planned to also dine in there so we could taste the food. However, they serve different dishes for their daily menu and occassion/event menu. After checking the place out, they invited us to come over to the next event that they will cater for us to taste their food. My mom agreed that she will be the one to attend because we’re unable to do so because of Jek’s work schedule. As per my mom’s approval upon having a taste of some of their food, we immediately booked them as event’s place and also the caterer. Below are our deals that made us say yes:

  • Free use of venue for 4 hours.
  • Menu consisting of 4 viands, 1 pasta, steamed rice, desserts and drinks. Mind you, this is a buffet / eat all you can style.
  • Free basic set-up according to color motif.
  • Basic sound system.
  • LCD TV with USB port if you have AVP to be played.

    Prices vary depending on the package you will avail. You will be billed as to how many guests attended per plate. We got the 229/head for adults and 99/head for kids 7 years old and below.

    Buffet Table

    Guests. We reserved for 100 guests. Upon payment, there are still 17 plates left out of 100 that we reserved so we have the chance to take home the left overs, except the drinks. To total, we paid only Php22,900 for the venue and food for 100pax.
    Invitations. To save, Jek made the layout for the invitations and have them printed out. So this one is free.


    Souvenirs and Giveaways. We just ordered cupcakes from our good friend Koni of Cerahlicious Sweet Treats as giveaway to JD’s godparents. A box of 6 cupcakes costs Php140/box (discounted). We ordered 16 boxes that costs Php2,240. For the guests’ souvenirs, we made-to-order ref magnets to my cousin Ate Rizzel and Kuya Pau of 7 Folds Printing. We ordered 50pcs for Php15 each totalling to Php750 which they ended up giving it for free as gift for JD. Yey! Thanks guys.
    Cake. We just wanted to have a customized cake so we also ordered a customized one from Koni. I don’t know how to explain it but the cake was sooooo perfect! From its look, size, quality, taste, everything is so perfect, beyond my expectation. I forgot about its size but it is really purely cake even on the inside and it was heavy and thick. For just Php2,500, its really worth every bite. I highly recommend Koni’s creations.

    Tarpaulin. Jek also made the layout so we just looked for tarpaulin printing shop. We found one in Bocaue. If I’m not mistaken, the size is 5×5 for just Php370.

    OOTD. Ofcourse we needed some cute outfit especially for JD. I don’t want it to be the normal “baptismal outfit”. I want it to be unique so I looked online and found Luna Belle’s Facebook. She customized baby clothes and costumes. I made to order a cute bloomer with suspender, necktie and bow tie with the print design I wanted for Php450

    Didn’t let JD wear the bow tie because it’s too tight.

    Candles. I forgot much much was the cost but definitely under P100 including the ribbon. The big candle was recycled from our wedding.

    Photo booth. We are so blessed for having Ninong Kerwin, Jek’s cousin. He is a photographer as profession and owns and operates a photobooth. We are so thrilled that he offered his service for free. Thanks Ninong Kerwin for the unlimited shots and print outs.


    Beans and Leaves Cafรฉ. The food was superb! We chose creamy vegetables, fish fillet, menudo, kare-kare, carbonara and brought lechon (gifted by my FIL and MIL) from outside. Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked. Good thing they didn’t charged us corkage fee for bringing in the lechon and also the watermelon. As for the drinks, we chose gulaman and it was so refreshing. Water was also available. For the dessert, we chose graham balls and coffee jelly. I haven’t got the chance to taste the coffee jelly though but the graham balls are so yummy. The service was good. One of the things we want about them is that it was not a “tong buffet”. You can have whatever you one from the buffet as much as you want. No limits. The staff was already friendly especially Sir Carlo. They were all very accommodating and easy to talk to.

    FB page – Beans and Leaves

    *They have 3 branches in Bulacan. Balagtas, Sta. Maria and Guiguinto. Guiguinto is the largest and spacious for events.

    Photobooth. We really love pictures. Especially when they are printed out already. Photo booths are the best for any occasion. We love Kerwin’s photo booth because 1. It’s free. Who doesn’t want free stuffs? 2. Personalized backdrop using chroma. 3. You can request reprints. 4. Lots of props to be used. 5. High quality camera and equipments. 6. Very friendly operator. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    FB page – Kerwin Photography

    *They also conduct Basic Photography tutorial from time to time.

    Cakes. The best! Koni made all my requests possible plus the taste was so yummy and mouth watering. Bonus, very huge and thick cake. I’mso in love with her chocolate cake. It was moist in the inside and the fondant was perfectly done.

    FB page – Cerahlicious Sweet Treats

    *You may have your cake customized or just indulge in readily available pastries once in a while.
    I’d like to thank the Lord for all the blessings the He has given us. For a wonderful child, JD. We owe everything to You and we dedicate JD’s life to You only. Also, to our families especially to my family and relatives. You still came and supported us even though we are grieving for Nanay’s loss. To Papa Jun, the pastor, for officiating the dedication. To Jek’s family. To all JD’s godparents, thank you for giving your time to attend. To our friends, neighbors and everybody who came, thank you for the time and gifts as well. To Beans and Leaves, thank you very much especially Sir Carlo and Ms. Lyn. To Koni, muffin, thanks for the cakes and also for Jek’s bday cake. To Kerwin, thank you for your generosity for the photo booth. Ate Rizzel and Kuya Pau for the souvenirs. To Luna Belle on FB for JD’s OOTD, thanks for the cute outfit. To Joshua for the pictures, thank you so much! We are so grateful for everything. Thank you for sharing your precious time with us. God bless you all.


    Our Garden Wedding Preparations

    I vividly remembered the day Jek proposed to me. It was last November 10 of 2015. Exactly 10 years after he asked to court me way back highschool (we were in the same school since pre-school). ๐Ÿ˜Š He proposed right infront of my father’s grave. He knows very well how I wanted my father to be involved in all of the major moments in my life. I think it’s a really nice gesture and very gentleman of him. Daddy, I found the man who will take care of me as much as you cared for me. I know you’re happy up There. After the proposal, the first question that popped up to me is WHEN. I think that is one of the toughest decisions a couple would decide in to. As much as I wanted to pick our anniversary date as boyfriend-girlfriend, which is February 10, I dropped the thought immediately because 1. It lands on a Wednesday and 2. I thought it was too early for just 3 months of preparation. So I thought of the next nearest 10th of the month that will land on a weekend and that is in the month of April. OK, set! 5 months of preparation is good. But wait! There’s more… Something sudden happened. Jek’s uncle died and so Papa, my father-in-law, who’s working abroad, supposedly be going back in the Philippines in March, booked for an earlier flight which was January. To cut the long, complicated and stressful story short, the date we picked was March 5. I chose the earliest weekend possible. You’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future. So I made sure that nothing’s gonna stop my dream wedding from happening, haha!
    Please take note that we don’t have any wedding coordinators. We wanted a DIY wedding, it’s good for our budget and more exciting. The more the stress, the happier. LOL!

    @Pastry Chef after the proposal ๐Ÿ˜

    After we’ve picked the date, we immediately booked our officiating pastor which happens to be my uncle (my mom’s sibling). Then, the most crucial, frustrating, tiring but fun part of preparing was to choose the venue. As I’ve said in my previous post, as early as our 2nd year as bf-gf, I’m already planning my Dream Wedding. ๐Ÿ˜ I wanted a beach wedding. However, having a huge family, both sides, we can’t have a beach wedding because of the budget. How are we going to transport our family members of more or less 100 pax and accomodate them in a beach resort/hotel? Not to mention our friends, colleagues and others. So practically, we chose to have garden wedding instead. So pretty damn quick, I hit Google and looked for garden wedding venues in Bulacan. To save time and money, searching online would be the best option then just compare all the details you’ve gathered. But first, here are the things we considered in choosing a venue:

    • Number of attending guests
    • Availability of the venue
    • Rates, corkages if outside cateres and amenities you’ll be needing for the wedding
    • Accessibility of location
    • Parking space
    • Okay for fireworks display (if you’ll be needing it)
    • Access to drone / aerial photography (if you’ll be needing it)
    • Weather conditions
    • Fit our desired motif / theme
    • Enough space for the wedding ceremony
    • Near hotels and other accommodations

      Scouting for a venue. Photo taken @ Grass Garden Resort

      We’ve been scouting for garden venues that will fit all the criteria mentioned above. It wasn’t easy. We examined like 5 to 7 different venues and we ended up in booking Malolos Heights Clubhouse for 10,000php good for 24hrs usage of the venue. It was perfect for what I imagined. It has a heart-shaped pool, a covered pavilion (if ever rain pours) and an open space perfect for our wedding ceremony with nice dramatic aerial shots courtesy of the drone. Having more or less 250 guests, it was really spacious because it can accommodate up to 500 guests depending on the setup. Also, the parking space is really huge. It is also accessible for commuters, just 1 tricycle-ride from the national highway where jeepneys, buses and UV express can access.

      Next, we opt to look for a caterer. Again, Google is really helpful. Aside from the referrals from others. This would be easy if our budget is extravagant. Haha! But we have limited resources so this is really challenging. I looked into several caterers from Bulacan, about 6 or more, I think. Nothing appealing to me because my criteria again is high. Here are some that we considered:

      • Rates
      • Quality of food /food tasting
      • Date availability
      • Grant our desired motif / theme
      • Flexibility regarding menu and other requests
      • Dedication and responsiveness to our queries
      • Experience
      • All-in packages

      The caterer we chose is Al’rise Catering. They are less popular but when I stumbled upon their Facebook Group and saw their wedding setup, I fell in love to it right away. That particular photo of a black and red motif with a touch of elegance of a table setup really captured me. I was really excited and hit them a message without further ado. The owner, Sir Joey Villavicencio, asked me how much our budget will be and that he can arrange a package for me. Having tight resources, I told him that we only have 75,000php for the catering. He then gave me a package inclusive of food, drinks and desert for 250pax + VIP services for the pastor, parents, sponsors and abays, complete ceremony and reception area setup with our Rustic Rock N Roll Theme, cake and gift table arrangement, dove cage, wine bucket, stage setup for the couple, pair of dove, wine, 2-layer fondant cake, on-the-day wedding host, lights and sounds and fresh flowers for the setup. Wheeew! That really covered almost everything we need. But as we negotiate further, I ended up slashing off the cake from the list then replaced it to mobile bar for 3hrs unlimited and photobooth also for 3hrs unlimited and ended up with a contract of 80,000php. Great deal, huh? For me, this is really a relief to us because almost everything was covered including the emcee. Disclaimer: This may depend on the package and your negotiation with the caterer according to your preference and needs. If you’re interested with Al’rise Catering, you may visit their Facebook Page linked above or contact Sir Joey here, 09227838266 / 09154911863.

      Setup for the wedding ceremony area.

      Venue and caterer done, now let’s move on to gowns and suits. This is also important to prepare as early as possible especially if you want to customize your gown or make a new gown for you and all your abays. There are 2 popular places in the Philippines if you are looking for gowns, one is Divisoria and the other is Pandi, Bulacan. Of course we dropped by on both places. We’ve learned that most of the shops in Divisoria were sewn and came from Pandi. So we went back to Pandi specifically in Brgy. Bagong Bario to look for shops that can sew my own customized wedding gown, Jek and bestman’s coats, my mom’s gown and 12 gowns for the abays (1 maid of honor, 3 secondary sponsors, 3 bride’s maids, 2 junior bride’s maids, 3 flower girls)to be finished for a month. Again, it was not easy. We searched Pandi for one whole day to look for the cheapest but has good quality gowns. At around 4PM, I think, we found the humble shop of Ate Tressie in Poblacion, Pandi (I lost her contact number when I reformat my phone. You can just ask the locals where her shop is). Anyway, Ate Tressie is really accomodating and super nice. Plus, she offered me incredibly affordable rates for different gowns. What catches my attention is that she can make my dream gown for just 6,000php (compared to others who offered me 10,000php or more). Included also in my wedding gown package are the garter, white bag, veil, cord, pillows for bible and coin, coin or arras and the long veil). I forgot the individual prices for the gowns of adult gowns and kiddie gowns plus the 2 coats but more or less, we paid 16,000php. As Ate Tressie being nice, she also made me a free cocktail dress as a gift. Plus free rental of a half-body mannequin for the pictorial of my wedding gown. Just a tip, for us to save money and to fit for our budget, we asked our abays if they can pay for their gown. Fortunately, some of them agreed and so all of us were happy. LOL! This is now acceptable nowadays, you can offer half, full or free. It’s up to you and the generosity of your abays especially if they can keep the gowns after they use it in your wedding. For the male abays, we asked them to provide their own coats and black & white Converse Chuck Taylors. We just bought for them red neck tie for the adult and black bow tie and suspenders for the kids.

      I so love black and red. ๐Ÿ˜

      Another important things are the souvenirs and invitations. For the souvenirs, we came up with 2 kinds, 1 for the sponsors and the other for the guests. For the sponsors, we asked my mom’s friend, Tita Ellen, to bake a red velvet cake for us (perfect for our black and red theme) and a chocolate ganache cake. We have 20 sponsors in total. Cake is 300php each for I think 6 or 8 inches in diameter. I should say, they’re really mouthwatering! For the souvenirs to the other guests, we went to Tabora St., Divisoria. This is the most popular souvenir place in the Philippines. I’m looking for something that represents me and Jek. I opted for the Jack Daniel’s mini bottle but we just can’t afford it, haha. I think it costs 150 each. May I just say, drinking is our favorite thing and our bonding moments. That explains why I wanted that JD bottle. As we hunt for more, we found a shot glass which contains 3 bottles of wine in it. Perfect! Another alcoholic souvenir, haha! I forgot about the price but roughly 40-50php each. We just ordered 80pcs, I think. As for the invitations, we are genuinely blessed that my cousin, Ate Rizzel and her husband, Kuya Pau were into printing business. Before anything else, I’d like to thank my super friend, Aiko Lee, for the layout of our invitation. I wanted the invitation to look neat regardless of the motif black and red. Also, I wanted to add gig ticket-looking piece of insert to add on. We arrive finally to 4 parts of invitation (gig poster-style front page, list of entourage names, ticket-type invite and a logo consisting of our name initials to be pasted in front of the invitation). For guests not inluded in the entourage, we just provided them the ticket-type. This saved us a lot of money by not printing all the other 3 parts of the invitation. Now for the printing, as I’ve said how blessed we are, Ate Rizzel and Kuya Pau didn’t charge us even a single cent. After like 3 days of printing, we just bought special papers (1 embossed floral design and 1 black with like tiny silver particles) and arrange the as an envelope for the invitations. We also bought a red heart-design ribbon to enclose it. Again, it was a DIY invitation. Simple but I like it because it’s black and red, LOL.

      DIY invitation.

      Photo and video coverage, this is another major thing to be prepared for. Wedding is just once in a lifetime and not all couples are blessed to be given an opportunity to have one. Although it will last in our hearts forever, printed memories and documented clips are exceptional in remembering this as years pass by and will give our future chidren a chance to have a glimpse of our happiness then. Being so much blessed, this is another good deal for us. We are fortunate that a friend of ours, Tope (videographer) and Joshua (assistant and photographer) are working in Red Media Photography which is based in Quezon City. Having high quality equipments and exquisite service from all their staff, their rates are also high but I should tell you, they are worth every penny. We got their package of just video coverage inclusive of prenup photoshoot, save the date video, whole wedding coverage, same-day-edit of wedding highlights and full length coverage of the wedding highlights plus the use of their drone. If I’m not mistaken, this package costs 35,000php. But having friends with them, we got a really decent discount. For the photo coverage, of course we also have a friend who offers to cover of our wedding from the preparations in the hotel up to the very end of the event. Kuya Lito is so generous to offer this for free. I suggest if you are planning to get married, befriend a photographer/videographer now. It will hep you save a lot of cachings.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The videographer and photographer.

      With Kuya Lito and Best man.

      What is a garden without flowers? Of course we needed more flowers for the bouquet and corsage of the entourage. As referred by Jek’s cousin, we contacted Royal Empress Flower and Delivery from Hagonoy. When we had a meeting, i discussed that our motif is black and red. It is really unusual for a wedding but they still did it. I loved my red roses bouquet.I forgot how much we paid but as far as I remembered, it was 6,000php for my bouquet, 10 bouquets for ninangs, 9 bouquets for adult abays, 3 baskets with flowers for the flower girls, 26 flowers for men (I forgot what it’s called), flower arrangement for our bridal car and for Jek’s motorcycle. Plus a wedding couple bear included in the flower arrangement of car and motorcycle. 

      I believe we’re done with all the major things that we need to be prepared for. For some minor details, here are the list we could cosider and not to forget:

      • List of ninangs/ninong and abays
      • List of guests
      • Hotel accommodation near the venue
      • Hair and Makeup artist
      • Jewelries/accessories/shoes/small bag
      • Spa/relaxation treatment before the big day
      • Manicure/Pedicure
      • Bridal car
      • Fireworks
      • Candles and matches
      • Bible
      • Wedding cake

      For the list of attendees, you should be very strict with it. If you have limited resources like us, you may cut-down to just important persons that you want to celebrate with. Hotel accommodation is also a thing to be thought of. This will be the place where you can prepare before and after the wedding. We stayed in Paradise Resort and Hotel from 8am until 2pm the next day. We just paid for less than 6,000php inclusive of free breakfast for 2 and free use of all the amenities and swimming pools of the resort. We inquired in other different hotels but they won’t allow the time that we requested. It’s either we stayed for just 24 hours or extend for few hours and pay for a whole day room rate. Paradise is the only hotel which granted or wish to just pay for a minimal additional fee. Hair and makeup is really important. Again, a friend from my elementary days, Kim, is a HMUA. She did very well and great with my transformation, haha! She offered us good rates with discount of course, including Jek’s, my mom’s, 2 sisters’ and 3 nieces’ hair and makeup as well. Jewelries and accessories were courtesy of my mom, so no problem with that. I only struggle in looking for a pair of shoes, leather boots to be exact. I wanted the Dr. Marten’s but can’t afford it. Haha. So again, I asked Mr. Google where to find the perfect boots and landed in Moderno Sense‘s Facebook Page. I found this mid-high leather black boots with studded straps for just 900php. I immediately inquired, paid and waiut for the arrival at home. Another blessing is that we have a ninang, Ninang Julie, who owns Pretty Preciosa Spa which accommodated and entitled us a free whole body massage, facial and foot spa. This is to erase all those stresses that you accumulated in the process of the preparation. Just a reminder, have your facial sessions scheduled at least a week before the big day. You don’t want to have a red, bulging face on the camera. For the Mani/pedi, you may opt to do this a day before the wedding. We didn’t have a problem with the bridal car because we just used Jek’s family’s newly bought Ford Ranger (yes, a pick-up truck). For as you know, Jek is originally from Bocaue and we both studied in a school in Bocaue, home of fireworks. So obviously we have a Bocaueรฑo friend, Jericho, who owns RN Navarro Fireworks located in Turo, Bocaue. Meaning, we have a free fireworks display as a gift. Our wedding cake was sponsored by my father-in-law. Yey! Thank God for we are really highly favored with friends.

      OOTD @ Paradise Hotel

      Makeup transformation with Kim, LOL.



      Mobile bar.

      Bridal car.

      Bridal bike? Haha

      They say, “A great marriage is not when a perfect couple come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

      No one’s perfect. So as to a couple. There are no perfect couple. But giving yourselves to God, submit to Him and let Him be in the center of you relationship, everything else will follow near to perfection. It is true that the preparation for the wedding is really tough and frustrating but as I’ve said, keep your eyes on the prize, it will be all worth every tiring day and stressed mind. Just enjoy the journey.

      2nd entrance with the abays.

      Special guest, Mr. Phillip Salvador.

      See that cutie bear? His partner is in the bridal car.

      I love this bouquet…

      I hoped you learned something with my very brief narration of our preparation. If you think I forgot to mention a detail, please do comment down below. Also, if you are interested to get the contact details of our suppliers mentioned above, don’t hesitate to ask me. Should you have any stories related or want to share your’s, feel free to do so.

      This goes to all the ladies for your clueless minds on wedding preparations. I, myself, also experienced being clueless regarding this matter. Of course, we can only get married once here in the Philippines.

      I’ll end this blog for now. Have a great day ๐Ÿ˜†.

      Requirements and Procedures for Getting Married

      Photo taken when preppin’ all the requirements.

      As they say, getting married is the most happiest and memorable moment that will happen in a woman’s existence. True enough! I’ve experience my dream wedding last March of this year. It’s been my dream since I met Jek (more likely when we reached our 2nd anniversy as boyfriend-girlfriend). I’ll be more specific with the details of the wedding itself on my next post. As for now, we’ll tackle more on the requirements and procedures on getting married specifically here in the Philippines.

      Disclaimer: This is based on our experience and may differ from other’s depending on location, age of the couple, nationality, type of wedding, etc.

      OK? Proceed.. As what I’ve reserched while I’m on a cloud nine after Jek’s proposal, below are the procedures in getting married in the Philippines:

      1. Marriage license application
      2. Pre-wedding seminar/counseling
      3. Release of marriage license
      4. Wedding
      5. Get NSO marriage certificate

      But before you go gaga and be overly excited about getting married, assess yourselves first for the basic steps and requirements. You must be of legal age (18 years old and above). If you are below 25 years old, you must have an affidavit of parental consent or advise. 

      For the marriage license application, which is the most important document of all when preparing for a wedding, you must go personally to the local civil registrar of the city , town or municipality where you live. Roughly, this will take 10 days to be released. Once released, you now have a “ticket” to get married anywhere within the country. However, it is valid only for 120 days upon issuance. To obtain a marriage license, you will need 1 original and 2 photocopies of your NSO authenticated birth certificates. If you are lazy like us, you can just apply online like what we did. Click here for the E-Census site. This costs 315php. You might also want to apply online for the Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) also at NSO. This one costs 415php. Provide 1 original and 1 photocopy. Please take note that you and your partner should have this. If you apply this online, it will be shipped right in front of your doorstep, shipping fee is included. You can pay via bank deposit, BDO or Union Bank.

      Another step is to obtain a Certificate of Attendance in pre-marriage seminar, family planning and responsible parenthood seminar. Since our wedding would be a garden wedding, we didn’t go through pre-marriage seminar. I’m not sure, though. Maybe I just forgot about it. Haha. Anyway, as for the family planning and responsible parenthood seminar, which were held in the health division of our municipal hall, I don’t think it was a seminar at all. We were just given a 3-page test paper each. Srsly? Yes! Test paper that we needed to answer. There were multiple choice and essay type. Hahaha! Of course we nailed the exam. The questions are really answerable by common sense. After that, we were given the certificates. That easy in approximately 30 minutes or less. Another requirement is Community Tax Certificate or Cedula. This costs 50php. Again, both of you need one each of this. Get this from your baranggay hall. You may also get from the said hall your baranggay clearance. I forgot how much this costs but approximately 70-90php. Ensure also that you have at least 2 valid IDs, recent 1 x 1 photo and the marriage license application form (issued by the LCR office).

      Please note that if you and your partner live from different town/municipality/city, you can choose between you or you partner’s place to apply for those requirements. After a tiring day in obtaining all of those, you will be asked to fill up an application form also called Form 90 from the local registry office. Attach the documents mentioned above then submit. You will be given a claim stub to release your marriage license after 10 days, which is the 3rd step.

      4th step is the most happiest! Wedding day! May it be civil, church, garden or beach wedding, it is the happiest day of our lives especially for us ladies. Imagine that beautiful gown, dressing up, makeup transformation, all camera lenses on you, haaaaaay….. Enough of daydreaming again. Well, I have no idea with the procedures in civil and church wedding because we have a garden wedding. We just booked our preferred venue and that’s it. No hassle there. Wedding done.

      Now that you are officially a wife to your husband or vise versa, you can now get your Marriage Certificate. But first, you need to wait for about 1-2 months to apply from NSO from the date of your wedding ceremony. Again, you may visit E-Census‘ website to apply. This costs 315php.

      Whew… That’s basically it. Again, I just covered what I have experienced. We are both of legal age, both 26 years old at that time, garden wedding and our officiating minister is my uncle and he’s the one who submitted our marriage contract to the NSO which we signed along with our ninong and ninangs signatures.

      I hope this post, if not that complete for your preference, somehow helpful and gave you an idea on how to get married. It’s not easy. Sometimes stressful. Sort of pain in the wallet. But you need to fix your eyes on the prize, your beloved one. Your soon-to-be-better half. Just enjoy the moment. It is a great bonding for both of you. After all those ups and downs that you’ve encountered, the blessing of God will pour upon your union. Just keep spreading love. ๐Ÿ˜˜

      Next post: Our wedding preparations = More stressesesesesesesssss to come. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Again, I’m pleading…. Like, comment and share this post.

      Have a great day. ๐Ÿ˜